Monday, September 21, 2009

Digital Meltdown

I know.

We've been as M.I.A. lately as Kanye's impulse control.

I'm really, really sorry about that. And I don't even have an ill-timed Hennessy to blame it on (the over-used joke OR the prolonged unexplained absence).

I think I just had a total digital communication overload. Have you ever felt that? This was the first time since I started blogging/facebooking/twittering/instant messaging/thought beaming that I experienced it. I hope I'm not the only one who's ever felt it. The best way to describe it was that I just couldn't keep up. I needed to take a step back into the cave and recollect my thoughts.

But now we're back.

We might take a little bit different approach to the blog now. For anyone who remembers, we had this idea to post every day on different topics and we came up with clever-ish names for the different days and everything. As a kid, one of my friend's moms had every shelf in the pantry color-coded and labeled (with an actual label-maker, which immediately raises its bearer to wizard status when you're nine and it's 1990). My awe at this totally impractical arrangement is the only thing I can think to blame for the "naming the days" thing.

We're just going to post now as an outlet-- to connect with you, to share cool stuff we find (regardless of the day), to give you occasional updates on Junky, to have fun. We won't have any more breakdowns and disappear for three months. Problem solved.

But to anyone still reading (especially Aunt Sue), we're sorry for being such blog dingos. We hope you'll forgive us.