Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hum along if you know the song.

Music has helped us get through a lot of things in our lives: high school dating, college identity angst, the dull reality of adult office life. Most recently, though, it's helped us stay awake and stay excited enough to drive away the crazy questions that periodically pop up in the back of your mind when starting a stationery company.

(Funny side story: We finalized our business bank account yesterday (balance: zero) and the bank lady was filling out the paperwork and asked us what kind of company it was. When we said "stationery," she gave us this look that was a mix between a smirk and an old-fashioned grandma cheek pinching. I'm pretty sure she thought we were opening a Hello Kitty franchise or something.)

Anyway, music. We really love it. Here's a breakdown of what's been in our Junky rotation of late.

The Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack
I don't know if it's the M.I.A. collaboration or the fact that Kristin makes genuine attempts to mimic bollywood moves every time it comes on (made more funny by the fact that she is in a roller-chair as she's doing it), but there is something about this soundtrack that makes it the perfect working music. Anytime we need to really focus and get something done, it's our standard.

Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus
Best Phoenix album yet, hands down. If you like smart, happy music you can sing along to (even though you're mumbling half the words because those French guys sure can put together some odd lyrics), this is for you.

Maria Taylor: Ladyluck
She falls down a well, eyes go crossed. Breaks up with Bright Eyes, puts together a great album. I don't get it. But we do love this confident, more fully realized album from this talented singer/songwriter-- even if the album art does look like an Amy Grant throwback (someone get her a decent designer, please?).

Great Lake Swimmers: Lost Channels
Genius. Genius. Genius. That's all. One of the few bands I know of who lack all forms of artifice and simply make beautiful music. Only problem is, it's easy to find yourself just listening and then realizing you haven't done any work in over an hour. But it's worth it.

Metric: Fantasies
This album is a victory for Ms. Haines and crew. I think she accomplishes what Jenny Lewis was attempting with the last Rilo Kiley album: dark, sexy pop that channels the very best of 80s new age subculture while still sounding current and accessible. I like it.

Telefon Tel Aviv: Immolate Yourself
This darkly catchy album is a great step for this beat twosome that's made more poignant by the sudden death of Charlie Cooper shortly after its release. It's full of great songs to "zone" to that still have enough substance to hold together.

Here's a few samples you can check out if you want to. And then tell us: What would your classic "music-to-work-and-jam-to" selections be?

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  1. Lately? Matisyahu. And a killer stripped-down acoustic version of Neil Young singing all of the old Buffalo Springfield songs. GREAT stuff.


  2. I really wish this process were a reality tv show. I love you guys and I really wish I could see Kristin's bollywood moves. Keep it up!

  3. call me old fashioned, but i really love listening to the wailers. there's something about that vintage reggae that has enough pep to keep me going while still relaxed enough to help keep the stress levels down. i've also been listening to a lot of 60's motown and girl groups like the ronnettes. but i really loved the slumdog soundtrack. i may have to get a copy of it. i'll do a little dance to it in my rollie chair in honor of you guys.