Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Grab Bag

I FINALLY found the cord for my camera, so today we have all the pictures! Plus, we have a special guest blogger: my husband Jon took the reins last night while I was conked out on the couch.

Our trip in pictures

First, we got there and made our way to various friends' houses with our gigantic bags.

Then we got to the Javits Center and saw this:

And then spent 12 hours and several friends' and family members' Saturday turning it into this:

And then spent 10 hours a day standing next to these lovely friends:

And then went and hung out with these guys (our good friends Eva and Kirk from Sycamore Street Press):

It was fun. It was crazy. It was a trip. And now for today's special...

Our first guest blogger: Jon

Hey Guys,

In an effort to be a good husband, I am giving Amy a break tonight and offering my unique perspective on this venture.

I think all of us thought things would slow down after the show in New York and I guess it did for a couple days, but once orders are made they need to be shipped. So tonight the girls put on their assembly line worker hats and put some orders together. I think it starts to set in that you are the only employees of a real company when all of a sudden you have to package and ship the orders you so painstakingly created and solicited. So, after a run to expedx and 4 hours of work, orders are ready to be sent out to some lucky people.

I really have never met more talented, hard working people than Kristin and Amy. I have seen them put their collective heart and soul into this project. Craig and I are lucky bastards and while our wives were in New York we reminded each other of this fact. I'll say it again: lucky bastards.



  1. Hear, hear. Lucky indeed.


    PS. That booth looked amazing!

    PPS. I hope my order is one of the ones you're shipping!

  2. What the heck. You guys are the coolest. When Brian gives me my allowance, the first stop will be junky heirloom. I love you!

    PS: the video of the cheer is hysterical.

  3. Loved seeing the pictures and loved seeing you, Kristin, over the looking forward to hearing how things go for you! Nice job by your guest poster. I could use a guest teacher...

  4. Amy Jo (and Kristen, who I think I met once briefly :))

    Beautiful stuff! It's been so fun hearing about your adventures--I've been keeping nominally updated via the blog. Congrats on a job very well done. So fun to see all the exciting things you're doing.