Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Feel Like My Head is Floating Away

So, we're here! This post has taken a little longer today because I haven't been capable of coherent thought until now. Sorry about that.

Last night, we pulled stuff together just in time. Mike has really been the best. It's been a really crazy few weeks for him but he figured out how to get it all done and it's so amazing to see all of the stuff all together. It was the best feeling to drive away knowing that we have the stuff we need to be ready for the show.

Getting here wasn't the worst--but it wasn't the most awesome. I would say that the red-eye flight was a nightmare. Except we never really got to sleep. Which did lead to one of the funnier moments of the trip so far.

It's 2:00 in the morning and the entire plane is silent-- except for the baby that has been screaming for over an hour. You can sense the tension in the plane as people go back and forth between feeling sorry for the mom and sorry for themselves as they try to get any scrap of sleep. Kristin has her head down on the tray table and is clearly in and out of it before lifting her head up and saying, in a loud voice, "I want to kill that baby." I loved it-- Kristin clearly did not realize that she had said that out loud. The people behind us did start laughing. And so did I.

Once we got here, we took our first break in about a month and just wandered around shopping. Our friends Nathan and Sarah Jane have been totally gracious to let us stay tonight so we are about to crash here. Tomorrow we will be out and about pulling together the last few little details before we set up our booth on Saturday. Pictures and more stuff to come tomorrow.


  1. Kristin you would. Just kidding. That seriously made me laugh out loud. I really can't wait to see some pictures! Give me a call Amy, Sami (ali's cousin) really wants to come by to see you while you're there. Love you

  2. I just checked and 16 people from my blog have clicked on Junky Heirloom! I hope some of them bought something...


  3. Classic Kristin. That is why I love her so much.

  4. Last week I added Junky Heirloom under "Fabulous Sites" on my blog. What I meant to do (and finally did today)is put you under "Fabulous Right Now" with a shout out in the entry. Still not much I know, but wanted I wanted you to know you're getting blog love from me.

  5. when i read kristin's baby plane quote, i could literally hear her voice in my head and see the look on her face. i haven't been able to stop laughing for at least 3 minutes. yes, there are tears. i love you guys.