Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting Things Together-- with a Giveaway.

So, we've had some good developments this week with JH: we sent out all our orders from the show (thanks to our newly enlisted sweatshop laborers, Jon and Craig), we got a little closer to a few opportunities that would make us really happy (we promise we'll stop being so vague soon-- we just don't want to jinx anything) and we welcomed back an old friend (okay, it's So You Think You Can Dance-- TV shows can be your friends).

But another development this week is a new chapter for this blog. We're changing things up around here. From here on out, here's how this will work:

MONDAYS: Wishlist
This will be a rundown of anything we've found this week that we think is pretty cool-- and that we're pretty jealous of. Whether it's from the fashion, architecture or design world, we promise it will be drool-worthy.

TUESDAY: Playlist
First we'll listen. Then we'll talk. Reviews will be harsh but fair and may include everything from Grizzly Bear to Kris Allen. Or Grizzly Bear vs. Kris Allen. Kris, just don't make any sudden movements.

This is where we'll turn the spotlight on the people who inspire us (and who we sometimes get the awesome opportunity to conspire with).

Today is the day we keep you up to date on what's happening in the adolescent development of this crazy venture of ours.

FRIDAY: Free for All
Enough with all the lists already. This could be anything.

But hopefully this week will mean a nice development for some of you too. Because we're doing our very first Junky Heirloom giveaway!

One lucky winner will get one of our Papergild Notesets and a set of our Magnets, and three other winners will win their very own Papergild Frame. It's easy to enter. Just comment to this post with an answer to this question: What store in your area do you think would be a good fit for Junky Heirloom?

Pretty easy, right? It gets better, though: if you link to this giveaway on twitter, your blog, facebook or just tell your next door neighbor about it, you get an extra entry. Make sure you mention it in your comment so that we toss your name into the hat twice.

The giveaway will be open until Sunday night. We'll announce the winners on Monday morning and we'll start this new schedule at the same time. If any of you have any recommendations of stuff you'd like to see us feature, just let us know.

Good luck!


  1. I'm first! YAY! So, the first store that came to my mind is actually in Ashland, OR (my hometown). It is called Prize (here is the url: )

    Anyway, it is way cool. I am excited to go there in a couple of weeks. We are going home for the 4th. If you want I can take some of your stuff and show it off.

    And, I will be linking you on my blog... again!

  2. Paisley Roberts Paper & Press, great shop in downtown Boise (such a HUGE city).

    We can't wait to see you and Jonathan in a few weeks!

  3. Los Gatos Company
    17 1/2 N Santa Cruz Ave
    Los Gatos, CA 95030
    (408) 354-2433

    This is a really interesting little gift shop, and they do carry cards and stationery, though that is not their main product.

    And I will link to your blog on my post tomorrow....


  4. Mayzie Daze is this darling little boutique in my old 'hood in Gaithersburg, Maryland. (Nothing in my new 'hood is worthy of JH greatness.)

    It may be The Giant to conquer but hello, Paper Source? :) That would be my favorite stationery store in DC!

    You're already on my blog. I'll throw you on Facebook too!

  5. Oooh! I have a few:

    • SLC Farmer's Market (but only in your early days before you get too huge for us all!)
    • Blue Cockatoo Gallery (used to be at 15th and 15th)
    • The Write Image (maybe that's the right name?) on 2100 South as you approach Foothill.

  6. Paperjoy


    Frances Boutique

  7. i think you guys should hook up with Frosty Darling
    it's a super cute (salt lake) local boutique that seems to really fit the idea behind JH!

    and beyond that...i hope to see your goods in anthropologie someday. that would be so rad!
    then i could say 'i knew them when...'

    great work guys!

  8. Honestly, I'm not sure if they sell stationery, but why should that stop you?

    Mesa, AZ:

  9. And what about another BIG company? Papyrus.

    Also, when are you guys going to get a blog button?

  10. Thanks for all the tips. I like how you guys think BIG! Good luck and keep the suggestions coming. :)

  11. Pick me, Me, ME!

    I think you should try to get into Xpedx because my motto is, "Honey, if you can't find it at Xpedx, it ain't bein' made."

  12. There is a cute little store called Delights and Invites in my area that would be great . The address is 3653 Main St. Riverside CA. You should also check out MAIN ST in HB I know they have some little shops that would be PERFECT! I linked this from my blog too:)

  13. Catbird in Williamsburg is lovely.

  14. Paper Source
    1925 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA

    Letter Perfect
    384 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301

  15. Bob Slate Stationer
    63 Church Street
    Cambridge, MA
    (617) 547-7181

    I posted your link on facebook.
    Glad to hear the show went well.

    Jenny Campbell

  16. I'm sure I'll add a couple others to the list...but what about All Tucked In in bountiful? I know it's a smaller boutique, but I think they'd love your stuff! Also, I really want to win.

  17. When I need to get a card, it's usually around midnight when I recall the occasion. So I end up running to Smith's and hit up the Redbox and Betos on the way back. So I suggest vending machines and cheap, 24 hr Mexican restaurants.

  18. Maybe Raffia on Kanan Blvd.

  19. There's a place out here called "pome" on a street with lots of cool boutique shops. I think they'd really like your stuff.
    1071 south Gaylord St.
    Denver, CO, 80209