Monday, June 8, 2009

Wishlist #1

Let's get a little business out of the way first: winners!

Thanks to everyone for giving us such great ideas of places that might be a good fit for us. That's one of the fun parts of this-- getting to find out about and meet people from such great little stores that we never would have heard about. With that said, our randomly generated winners are:

Jenna (our grandprize winner!)

Will all of you email your mailing address to amy (at) junkyheirloompaper (dot) com? We'll get your prizes sent out to you shortly. Congratulations!

Now on to today's wishlist.

The new iPhone. It's time for WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference for non-Apple geeks)! Rumors have run rampant for weeks and hopefully today is the day. Of all the photo-shopped "leak" photos, this had to be one of my favorites. I can't tell you how much I've missed my iPhone since it met its demise on my hardwood floors a month ago. I've been holding out and Jobs better deliver. Follow the WWDC announcements and festivities today here.

Shipping container office space. Someday, hopefully this little venture of ours will be successful enough to warrant actual working space instead of just my basement. When that happens, I hope they have something like this around. Cool, sustainable, a little crazy-- what's not to like? Read more about it here.

This incredible house. No, but really. This room is just the tip of the iceberg (and a very lovely tip it is). There are so many amazing things to soak in with this beautiful house. Check it out. You'll be glad you did.

All of this guy's stuff. His name is Jason Munn and he is the creative force behind the Small Stakes. Every time I go to his website, I end up buying something. It might be that he creates beautiful posters for so many of the bands and artists I love. Or it might be that I need to get more online-shopping self control. He has a bunch of new posters in his shop right now, so you should definitely take a look.

Hope you have a great Monday. Back tomorrow with our album review of the week.


  1. Harley won!! That means I won! Yayayayayay!!!! I'm off to tell him...

    But first:

    That shipping store reminds me of the Pompidou. Hey Spittler, remember when we went to the Pompidou?!?

    I love everything about that house... except all the dead animals -- creepy to me!

  2. My face just exploded because I'm so excited about winning. Was it really randomly generated or is this all a bribe for a future limo ride? Because those are for free.

  3. even though i was too late for the giveaway, i wanted you to know i linked you to my blog anyway. i love your design. amazing! and thanks for the link to that amazing house in san francisco. my husband has been trying to convince me that our house needs a deer head and that house proves it can work.

  4. I think you guys need to add a Kindle 2 to your wish list.