Thursday, June 18, 2009

To Do List #2 (but we kind of missed #1)

So this is our first official entry in this blog category due to our baby shower-induced absence last week. In case you forgot, this is where we let you know where we're at with our Junky Heirloom progress.

Today, I am just amazed at how much we are learning right now. When we started this whole thing, we really had no idea how complicated, rewarding, demanding, etc. it would be. We're learning to be patient, to push hard and then let things happen, to look for ways to help other people because, inevitably, someone else is helping you too. It's hard to be patient when you care about something like this. But, turns out, patience is a pretty big deal in life and I was bound to be forced to learn it sooner or later.

We have some things in the works that could be game changers-- or could not. We have some people that we think are amazing that seem really interested-- but who knows. We're making some really great progress-- that we probably won't see the benefits of for a while. But we're also finding that, when you love what you do, your threshold for dealing with all this stuff somehow manages to stretch to fit whatever you have to do.

One of our goals with this blog was to honestly represent the process of going after your dreams and starting a business to do it. It's a lot of work. Some days are really scary. Some days you just want to walk away and pretend like this is not your baby. Some days you can't keep the grin off your face. It's OCD-inducing. But it's also pretty cool.


  1. Here's hoping you will have many more of those grin-on-your-face days than not.

    That would put a grin on MY face.


  2. I think you guys are pretty cool. I am seriously crazy proud of you both and think Junky Heirloom rocks!!!