Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hitlist #2: Kirtsy, HOSM and Liz Stanley

Last night we had the chance to got to a great event sponsored by Kirtsy called Hands On Social Media. I thought I was fairly social media savvy, but I learned a bunch of stuff that not only can help us continue to promote Junky but also just make my own life easier. I know it's easy to think that there's just so much random stuff that it's overwhelming, but that's why this event was so great. Even just learning the basics of the tools that are out there helps you see if they're valuable for you.

The class (made up entirely of women) all came from different perspectives and skill levels. We talked about the whole concept behind social media and then talked specifically about Twitter, Kirtsy, Delicious and Microsoft Office Live (who was also the sponsor of the event). The most helpful part for me was probably the discussion around Delicious and Kirtsy. If you don't know what Kirtsy is, you should really check it out. It's a great way to both find and share information that's interesting to you. Think Digg for the letterpress/home decor/girl crowd instead of the gadget/steve jobs rumors/geek crowd (and yes, I fall into both of those groups-- wah wah).

The lovely individual who moderated the class was Liz Stanley. She has a blog called Say Yes! to Hoboken and is also a contributor to Your Heart Out (a treasure trove of coolness for us Utahns) and a member of the Kirtsy team. She did a great job juggling an occasionally faulty wireless connection and a room full of people and I think everyone walked away with a lot to think about.

There are more of these HOSM events to come. If you're in Provo tonight, you can still register and there are events in the next couple of weeks in Houston and Little Rock. They're free! Find out more and register here.


  1. Okay, I admit it. I don't fit with either of these crowds, neither Digg nor Kirtsy.

    (Judging from my last two comments, I may be considerably less cool than your typical reader.) On second thought...take the "may" out of it.

    On the redeeming value side: I am loyal.


  2. You are! And we love you for it! =)

  3. Wasn't the event great? I'm all excited about kirtsy, digg, etc, etc :)

  4. so glad you guys came! and let me know if you see the clip on fox!