Monday, June 15, 2009

Wishlist #2

Sorry for the radio silence on Thursday and Friday. We packed up our junk food and baby gifts and took a little road trip to San Francisco to share in our dear friend's baby shower. All kinds of cuteness and fun ensued. It's pretty crazy (and amazing) to realize that one of our best friends will have resulted in another little person soon. On Friday, we went into the city and visited some GREAT stores in the Mission that gave us all kinds of inspiration (some of which made it into this week's Wishlist).

So, we'll get on to it.

Living succulent wreath

One of our stops was this amazing store called Paxton Gate where I immediately wanted to buy this. Along with a preserved rattle snake, giant piece of coral and dressed up stuffed mice circus. It's the kind of store you really have to see to believe. But I almost pulled the trigger on this one.

Hard Graft products

Another one of the stores we made a stop in that I LOVED was The Curiosity Shoppe where I found a Hard Graft wallet that I almost cried over. Now, a little back story about this. Hard Graft used to be a company called Working Class Heroes. They create beautiful, practical things made out of luscious thick gray felt and buttery leather. I've wanted to take one home with me for over two years now. And someday I will.

Orla Kiely bags

An Orla Kiely bag as a diaper bag? Yes, please. Two incredibly sweet people at the baby shower gave this as a gift and it's a genius fit. Not only is the design beautiful but the trademark oilskin fabric is a great help for all of the stuff that can spill on or in a bag with a baby. The bag above is the one I'd choose-- and it's on sale.

Hope everyone has a great week. The White Rabbits debut album will be on our rotation for tomorrow.


  1. All cool, but my favorite? The succulent wreath!


  2. Thanks to the 2 best friends in the world for making a pregnant girl feel cute and fun again! I love you guys.