Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playlist #1: Classixx

I started hearing rumblings of the Classixx back before they were even the Classixx (not only because Tyler is Kristin's brother and I've gone to Six Flags with him). This LA duo has been bringing new imagination to the club-mix game for some time now with memorable takes on some of the best songs and artists of the last couple years, including Phoenix, New Young Pony Club, Shiny Toy Guns and TV on the Radio. Their distinctive, crunchy, open sound has been catching attention all over the place and Tyler and Michael David have been touring non-stop, with recent stints at SXSW and on the Kitsune/Scion tour with fellow dancefloor icons Guns 'n Bombs and Beni. They've also recently flexed their songwriting chops and teamed up for single "I Will Get You" (feat. Jeppe) with the French music/fashion/film/whateverelse collective Kitsune, home to bands like Bloc Party, Hot Chip, Crystal Castles and more. They're headed for big things. So you should take a listen now.

Check out the single now on iTunes or on their MySpace page.


  1. I LOVE Classixx. Especially that really cool guy.



  2. Now they are off to Australia and then Vancouver for a short tour. Wish them well!