Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hitlist #1: Sycamore Street Press

We've alluded to our connections to (and our love for) this talented little company before. As well as being extremely talented, Eva and Kirk Jorgensen are also really cool people and our great friends. At the National Stationery Show, we soldiered through the grueling days of paper and stickers together. And who wouldn't love her amazing letterpress creations?

Sycamore Street Press has four different branches: Folk, Lark, Pop and Editions. Folk is based around the beautiful handmade, folk art that Eva is inspired by. Oh yeah, and Eva hand-illustrates each of the pieces. Which blows my mind. Because it's amazing.

Lark is the geekishly tongue-in-cheek member of the family (that Kristin and I happen to write and design). It has been so much fun to work with Eva on this.

Pop is the stylishly adorable arm created by another one of Eva's friends, Stephanie Ford. Her posters are so great that they have already even inspired knock-offs (true story-- letterpress is a ruthless, ruthless world).

Editions is just a great idea. Every month, Eva runs a limited edition print created by herself or one of her talented artist friends. Once they're gone, they're gone. And you're on to the next one. But the coolest part is that you can either buy them one at a time, or buy a six month membership. Which means that you get a different amazing print in the mail every month. You can almost decorate your whole house just by getting the mail! A membership is majorly on my wish list.

Beyond all this, though, Eva and Kirk just know how to do good business. Their customers love them. Their products are all sustainable, with recycled paper and soy-based inks. And they are on their way to big things, after a successful NSS. Check them out here:


Update: Just found out that Sycamore Street Press is having a great sale! Here's what Eva says:

In an effort to lighten our load for our cross-country move, and also to help make some room for the 21 new products we'll be introducing, we are offering 35% off everything in our online shop starting today at noon EST. Just enter in the code GOODBYECOLUMBUS at checkout to claim the discount.


  1. Pretty neat stuff. Once I get all the stuff I bought from you guys used up or given as gifts, I will pay them a more "serious" visit.


  2. Eva is such an amazing illustrator and the Lark series is absolutely awesome. Let the love fest continue...

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  4. Thanks for posting about us! You guys are too fast for me. I wrote a comment to tell you about the sale, and when the page refreshed, you had already added the info into your post. See you in Utah!

  5. Oh - and everyone should know that the sale is only until Monday, June 15th at 5PM EST. Thanks!

  6. Haha! I was just reading your blog and posting about it as you were reading mine!

  7. Brian and I will forever love our wedding invitations. We were so lucky to have the complete trio help us out: Amy, Kristin, and Eva. We are in love with Eva and Kirk's work!