Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Playlist #2: White Rabbits

The band from this week's Playlist has consistently stayed on my rotation over the last couple weeks for one major reason: they know how to write great songs with DRUMS. And they should. This sextet of Brooklyn transplants has not one, but two drummers. The result is a collection of songs with a discernibly different pulse. And it doesn't hurt that they're produced by Britt Daniels, the life-force behind another of the more percussively perceptive bands of the last decade, Spoon.

With Daniels' help at the reins, White Rabbits has put together a sophomore album that will keep your fingertips tapping throughout the work day but also contains memorable songwriting and climactic harmony. Greg Roberts and Stephen Patterson provide vocals with a believable amount of angsty howl, while the other members expertly blend their elements (often switched between songs in their trademark energetic live sets) and manage to stay out of each other's way enough to let the songs properly breathe. Some of my favorite tracks include album-opener "Percussion Gun," which subtly borrows from several WR band members' pasts in ska bands without going off the rails, "Rudie Falls," which is the most complete song on the album, and "Right Where They Left," that tautly rotates on an infectious Brazillian dance rhythm.

Check out a few tracks below, or hear the rest of the album on their MySpace page.


  1. Not my cup of tea (surprise!), but they do sort of remind me of the ska bands my son used to like. Although I think I preferred the ska sound as it seemed a little lighter. Or maybe I was just a lot younger then.

    I get weighed down by a lot of music these days that I would have liked before. Can't deal with anything in the least bit heavy. Kind of annoying, really.