Monday, June 22, 2009

Wishlist #3

Is it strangely materialistic of me to start every week with all the stuff I want? All right then, let's get started.

Bludot furniture

It's not just that this bold fun furniture company was started by college friends (a formula rather dear to my heart). It's that they create a lot of stuff I want. Their energy and imagination has been described as "positively Eamesian" (not sure what better compliment you can give a modern furniture enthusiast) and they've stayed mostly true to their vision to provide affordable modern furniture options that don't come from Scandinavia. I think I liked the couches in their line last year a little better than this year, but some of their shelving especially is to die for. I will own the shelf above someday, somehow. See more here.

Outdoor Furniture

I'll take this hot little deck combo. Except for the creepy kid staring out from behind the tree. No, even with him. We have a pretty good deck thing going in the place we live in now and I am dying to make it all cool with some outdoor furniture. Only problem is, I also want indoor furniture right now too. Which means the option above isn't really an option. Good thing the Ikea summer catalog has some pretty good choices this year.

(found via a blog I love so check it out)

Jonathan Adler Whale Butter Dish

Who doesn't want a whale hanging around their kitchen? I'm kind of thinking whales might replace birds as my fall-back home decor animal of choice (those little birds deserve a rest-- they've been working so hard for the last five years). It's kind of pricey, but might be worth the fun. Available fro Jonathan Adler here.

Have a great week everybody!

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  1. I LOVE all three of these things. And the whale is just...perfect.


    PS. I am enjoying your materialistic self ;)