Monday, April 27, 2009

First Class Seats on the Crazy Train

I have this weird childhood memory that comes to my mind at least a few times a week. One summer when I was eight or nine, I got my first calendar. I'm pretty sure it heavily featured the New Kids on the Block. I sat down and filled it out with everything I had going on at the time, which I think consisted of swimming lessons on Mondays and "The Wonder Years" on Wednesday night. And I remember thinking, "Man. I wish I had stuff to write down for every single one of these days."

I have apparently spent the rest of my life trying to achieve that childhood wish, only to realize that I kind of like it when recreational activities and TV shows are the only things driving my schedule.

That said, looking towards a new week when you only barely survived the last one and knowing that the next seven days have the potential to be even crazier is a feeling that we're unfortunately pretty used to. The nice thing this time is that we're having a whole lot more fun than usual.

Here's what last week looked like.


- Started a new job (more explanation to come)
- Wrecked her iphone (not a good thing)
- Wrecked her car (could be a very good thing-- anyone who has seen the car would agree)
- Wrote the Junky Heirloom website (and some fun extras we'll show you soon)
- Relied on her husband to provide any and all food sustenance
- Didn't make it to a movie
- Made it to a marathon press check


- Drove Amy around everywhere
- Made it to TWO marathon press checks
- Designed the Junky Heirloom website
- Got prepared for a photo shoot
- Rescheduled a photo shoot
- Used a pool raft for a couch
- Shopped for furniture
- Experienced metallic ink rearing its ugly but not-s0-shiny head

This week, we will:

- Have said photo shoot
- Get a new car
- Get a lame phone (Mr. Jobs, if you could just have the new iphones come out tomorrow instead of June, we could avoid all of this.)
- Get a couch back
- Celebrate a husband's birthday
- Go to a brother's wedding
- Go to a baby showers
- Go to book club (not to missed even under the direst of circumstances)
- Finish our catalog
- Start figuring out how to actually get buyers to come see us at the Show
- Get all of our products back, including packaging (!)
- Keep writing this blog every day
- Start freaking out because we leave for New York in two weeks

If anyone knows any meditative techniques to avoid mental breakdowns, pass them along. In the meantime, I'm just going to keep reminding myself that, someday, I'm going to be old and when I am, I'm going to be looking at my Perry Mason calendar and wishing I had something to write down for all of the days. So I'd better enjoy all this madness while I can.


  1. Tip to avoid mental breakdown: Be passionate about what you're doing.

    I think you've got that covered.


    Good luck, you two!

  2. I just filled out my "summer calendar" for the kids and I and it is jam packed... I felt overwhelmed looking at it and them I thought "they are only young for such a short time..." and reading your blog tonight I felt in synch with you. Keep truck'n it will be worth it! ;)

  3. I've been following this adventure with great interest. So happy to see people doing exciting things. However, I was a little unhappy to notice that most of the ideas you guys seem to be peddling have been stolen from me and Jeff Lind. Yeah, the two of us didn't talk too openly about our plans to start an upscale stationary business, but those who know and love us can agree that it was always the plan. Good luck anyway. Jeff and I will initiate Plan B asap. The creation and distribution of eco-friendly denture glue. Not as sexy, but still very important.

  4. We thought Junky Heirloom was good. But eco-friendly denture cream is even better. I'll throw in a company name for you and Jeff for free. Funky heirloom. Because don't you want your posterity to remember you for you and not your denture's "funk"?