Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Good Old Days. Or Nights.

Ah, back to the late night Diet Coke binges.

When the two of us were in college together and had procrastinated some project or other until nearly too late, we would tear ourselves away from the Real World reruns and commence our all-night work sessions with a run to Wendy's for grossly oversized Diet Cokes. Kristin would turn the heater up in her car until it reached an ungodly temperature that we coined "melty face" and we would sing along to Belle and Sebastian while we waited our turn in the drive-through before returning home to crank out the requisite condom or White-Out student-y ad that of course we thought was genius at the time.

Now that we are older and much more responsible-- we're doing the same thing. Except we have to go to work in the morning. And we do not think we are nearly as cool as we did then. Wah wah.

Tonight we are obsessing over flags on J's and loops on H's. It's much too late to be worrying about this kind of stuff, but we can't help ourselves. It's just that we don't want anyone to look at our logo and think it says "Funky Heirloom" instead of "Junky Heirloom." Because then we might have to kill ourselves.

More tomorrow. And thanks to our other best friend Karisa for the late night ichat "talking-us -off-the-ledge-because-really-come-on-it's-just-a-logo" session. It's always good to get a little perspective.


  1. Hey! That's me! It was so fun to talk to you guys. But I was serious about our Ya Ya motherhood club. Who's in for "early retirement?"

  2. I don't know. I think you may be missing on a major opportunity with funky heirloom...

  3. Keep talking like that and we'll totally let you be our account manager for free.

  4. Love the blog and I think your logo looks fine I knew it was Junky not funky right away no ?... just so you know;)

  5. Going to the New York Stationery Show is a mighty fantasy of mine. Jealous! And good luck with all the hard work ahead of you.