Thursday, April 23, 2009

Man your stations.

Things we have accomplished in the last few days:

1) Changing our logo at the eleventh hour- (take a look at the sidebar and let us know what you think)
2) Listening to the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack 127 times, complete with spontaneous attempts at Bollywood dance moves (more about that later)
3) Our first press check

That's right everyone, we had our first press check. And let me just tell you, press checks are a pretty big deal. As a designer, it's the moment where you think to yourself, "Man, this might actually work," or where you start thinking, "Ooooooh, shizzzzzzz......" Lucky for us, I think this press check was more like the former.

So here's the breakdown of a press check:

First of all, when you walk into a press, it's kind of like a time warp. Or an introduction into an all-robot society. Here's a picture of our press. Looks like it's out of the fifties, huh?

This big machine is a four-color press which means that every color you see printed is created with only four colors- cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Remembered when you learned in kindergarten that red and blue makes green? Turns out, that's true. During the press check, you look at samples of your product and you make sure that all the colors have the right mix, so you end up with something that looks good (when I first got there, our cards had a pink hue but once we adjusted the colors, they looked great).

Everything is printed on giant parent sheets that are then cut down into the smaller individual pieces. Above is the parent sheet of some of our cards, gift tags and business cards. I know it's a small sneak peak and it actually doesn't even show the final finished product, but hey, never undervalue the benefit of a little suspense, people.

We have another press check today AND another (even better) sneak peek coming later tonight or tomorrow morning that we are really excited about. Let's just say that when we picked these items up, we just kept saying to each other, "I would buy this!" And it was the best thing that ever happened to us.


  1. so exciting! oh - and i've printed a couple of newlark cards so far and they look great!

  2. I can't wait to see them! Once you get pics, you should send them over!

  3. I like the change - definitely junky, not funky. Good move.

  4. I like the preview...and the logo. Can't wait to see more!

  5. Can't wait to see the rest! So glad the press check went well!

  6. 2 reasons i like the name of your company and blog:

    1) as my mom pointed out with her english teacher expertise, "Happenchance" is a fine use of "portmanteau" (pronounced portmanto for all you dummies out there). but that is not what i like about it. i like that it half rhymes with... wait for it... CRAP IN PANTS!

    2) with a name like Junky Heirloom you could cater to junkies (people on heroin) that dig heirlooms. and lord knows the first thing everybody does when they shoot up is buy high end letterpress stationary and die cut frames. duh.

    on a side note, with my music "expertise" i would like to point out to mom that "portamento" is also a term for the function on a synthesizer that allows two different notes to glide into each other like sliding from one note to another on the neck of a guitar. i imagine there is a portmanteau connection there. ok thats all.

    cool? cool.

  7. Like the improved logo and the preview can't wait to see MORE! So excited for you!

  8. Our target audience is women 20-55. Our secondary audience is definitely druggies. Our tertiary audience is people who like funky heirlooms. That one's just a bonus.

  9. tyler- please, not a half rhyme, that is a near rhyme. Come on, get the terms straight, man. I believe this is all in that book on writing lyrics that you told me about that you liked so much at Berklee. Synthesize that, baby.

  10. I just laughed so hard at Tyler's post. You really cracked me up, Ty. (Reminded me of the lovely comments Matt is fond of making on my blog.) Geez. I'm still chuckling now, and it's been five minutes.

    I wonder if my diet Smart for Life cookies are making me weird...